Injury Victims Using Exoskeleton

rewalk-exoskelet-6_0We have written previously about robotics and exoskeletons helping injury victims. But the importance of this technology cannot be overstated. So when we came across a product like ReWalk Robotics we felt that we really needed to share this.

The company has FDA approval for a previous device and just launched its version 6.0. It’s a robotically-assisted walking system that aims to allow spinal cord injury victims and others who have lost the use of their legs to leave wheelchairs behind and get up and walk.

The bottom line is that the ReWalk 6.0 is an exoskeleton device that one wears and allows the user to walk at speeds of 1.6 miles per hour, according to the company.

The exoskeleton comes, at least for now, with a hefty price tag – $77 grand. So most folks may not be able to run out and get one just yet.

But our hope is that as this technology becomes more pervasive and is continuously perfected, it will get lighter and better and less expensive.

If you would like to learn more about the company or watch a great video on it and the story of the founder’s awesome story – click here for the original story and link on Digital Trends.

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