Workplace Injury

Workplace Injury in San FranciscoAccording to the California Occupational Safety and Health Act, every employer in California has a legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe workplace for employees.

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If you are injured at work in San Francisco or anywhere in California, normally your employer has workers’ compensation insurance. When this is the case, you are precluded from filing a claim of negligence against your employer.

But often the cause of someone’s on the job or workplace injury is not the fault of his or her employer, but because of a vendor, sub-contractor, temporary agency, or other entity. In that case, the law provides for what is often referred to as a third party action. And, under such an action you are able to file a lawsuit against the entity other then your employer that caused your injuries.

As a Workplace Injury Attorney in San Francisco, I focus on making a case against the responsible third party. And that case can be based on a variety of causes of action, including negligence or product liability. There are many causes of workplace injuries. Some of the more common causes of workplace injuries include slip and falls or trip and falls, falling from heights, cuts, stress injuries caused by repetitive motion, electrical shocks, being injured by moving equipment, chemical burns, and automobile accidents.

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When you are injured on the job it is only natural to have many concerns and issues. You may be afraid that if you report your injury that you will loose your job. You may worry about what coworkers or your supervisors will think of you. And, you may even be concerned that you will not be able to afford the medical care that you need.

But remember, the most important thing that you can do after a workplace injury is to report the injury to your employer and get the medical attention that you need. Be upfront and open with your doctor or physician about your injuries and what those injuries have prevented you from being able to do. Follow your doctor’s instructions and follow up with specialist if necessary.

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