Trucking Accidents

Bay Bridge From East BayEvery day in the San Francisco area and throughout California, thousands of commercial trucks (big-rigs) operate on our roads and highways.

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And every day, people are injured due to the negligent operation and maintenance of these commercial vehicles or big-rigs. There are a number of factors inherent in the operation of commercial trucks that contribute to traffic accidents.

Often the injuries resulting from trucking accidents are the result of oversized loads, poor safety and maintenance practices on the part of trucking companies, unsafe driving practices, and exhausted drivers.

Each year, over 500,000 commercial trucks are involved in accidents on our nation’s highways, and too many of those accidents take place in the San Francisco area and throughout California. Statistically, 98 percent of truck-at-fault collisions involve injuries, and far too often include fatalities.

While there are a number of factors that contribute to commercial trucks being involved in traffic accidents, there are three primary reasons why commercial truck (or semi) accidents are so deadly: driver fatigue, size and speed.

As a Trucking Accident Attorney in San Francisco, I am greatly concerned with, and see first hand, the dangers that trucking accidents present for the injury victims involved in them.

These dangers and the difficulties faced when deciding to take on a trucking company is no more evident than in a case I handled early in my career. I represented a young woman whose car had been struck by a commercial logging truck or big-rig and nearly lost her life. She spent over a week in the hospital and months recuperating from her injuries.

To add insult to her injuries, the police officer that worked the accident scene had a clear bias in favor of logging truck drivers. This was because his father was a logging truck driver. So, he wrongly assigned blame to this young woman. Because of this, many attorneys would not have agreed to represent her, but I did.

In the months that followed I worked closely with her, the experts that we employed, and the doctors that treated her, in order to prepare her case for trial. Together we fought that ticket and the trucking company and eventually were able to resolve her case.

A trucking accident is so much more than a big automobile accident: it is more complicated, involves a myriad of different issues at every stage of litigation, and can involve the need for additional experts and specialists.

Trucking companies have enormous resources at their disposal to defend against any negligence claim brought against them. I should know, because before I opened the Law Office of Brett A. Burlison I was part of a trial group in a large defense firm and represented trucking companies in catastrophic injury and brain injury cases. Thus, I intimately understand how trucking companies operate and defend against cases that are brought against them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a trucking accident, call me at (415) 293-8231 so that we can talk about your case and how to get you the help that you need.