Premises Liability

Brick Street In San Francisco By San Francisco Premises Liability Attorney

As a Premises Liability Attorney in San Francisco, I’m well aware of the general perception the public has that slip and falls are at least partly the fault of the injured person. Thus, many attorneys believe that these lawsuits are more difficult than other types of cases. This is not my belief.

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Landowners and occupiers have a duty to maintain their property or premises in a reasonably safe condition. A breach of that duty on public or private land can result in catastrophic injuries for individuals and devastating results for their families.

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Failing to keep store aisles clear of hazards, poorly lit or unmarked pathways or stairs, unbalanced flooring, or even a lack of adequate security can create hazards leading to serious injuries and even death.

When determining if a company was negligent in causing your fall there are a number of factors that must be reviewed and analyzed: what was the condition or substance that caused you to injure yourself; was this condition obvious; was it dangerous; should the owner have been aware of it or was he aware of it; in other words, was your injury under the circumstance reasonably foreseeable.

When a company defends against a premises case (or slip and fall), the first defense is always that the company was simply not negligent. In other words, the owner or company may claim that the object or substance upon which you slipped, had only been dropped on the floor moments previously by another person, and that therefore the property owner or company could not have reasonably foreseen that you would have slipped or tripped, or reasonably had time to take appropriate action to ensure that you didn’t fall.

The second defense that the company or land owner will assert is that the injury victim was at fault. The property owner or management company may claim that any reasonable person, exercising due diligence under the circumstances would have seen the object or substance and avoided it.

These defenses as well as the multitude of others that are put forth by companies and land owners after someone is injured on their property do not change my beliefs at all.

I have represented individuals against Fortune 500 companies, Fortune 100 companies, as well as nightclubs, bars, commercial real estate companies, and apartment complex owners in cases ranging from common slip and falls in a grocery store to complex lack of security and premises liability matters.

At my law office, I take every case very seriously. I work hard and succinctly to establish the elements of any Premises Liability claim.

Analyzing the mechanics of the fall or slip to identify the cause, documenting the dangerous condition and the negligence that caused it, establishing the duty of care, proving control of the premises, establishing actual or constructive notice, and ultimately showing that the hazard caused the injury all must be done competently and promptly in order to fully evaluate and resolve any Premises Liability case.

If you or a family member has been injured in a slip and fall, trip and fall, or premises liability accident in San Francisco or anywhere in California call me. My number is (415) 293-8231. I like to help if I am able.