Brain Injury Facts About Bike Helmets

bike helmetTraumatic brain injury impacts millions of individuals across the country every year and too many here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have presented videos on how to prevent these injuries with simple suggestions and preventative measures (watch the video here). One of those measures is wearing a helmet, especially if you bike.

But not just any helmet. You need a helmet that protects as much of your head as possible, especially on the sides where a majority of traumatic brain injuries take place. And you need to use the helmet properly; that is, there is a right and wrong way to wear a helmet

Pictured on the right is an illustration depicting the proper way in which to wear a bicycle helmet. When choosing a helmet make sure to look for a helmet that has “Snell B-95″ approval and are designed for multiple sports. The CPSC has a website that rates particular helmets for various activities. You can find the CPSC’s site here.

Helmet use has been estimated to reduce your risk of a brain injury by as much as 85 percent. So if you are biking to work in San Francisco or getting a workout on Skyline Blvd in Santa Clara County, wear a helmet and be safe.

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