San Francisco Injury Attorney

San Francisco Injury Attorney Brett A. Burlison

At the Law Office of Brett A. Burlison my vision is simple and clear – ethical and passionate representation of my clients and their interests. As a Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco, I work tirelessly in order to obtain the compensation that my clients deserve.

If you’ve been injured in a serious personal injury accident, you’re going to need serious representation. I represent plaintiffs, and plaintiffs only, in personal injury and product liability, traumatic brain injury, workplace injury and wrongful death matters. My practice is founded on the belief that your case, every client’s case, no matter how big or small, should be pursued with tenacity, insight, and innovation.

“After we decided to hire a lawyer, we looked for a professional, understanding and caring person. My wife uses a wheelchair, Brett was always accommodating to our needs. He came to our house to consult with us on our claim, explaining the entire legal process in a clear and understandable manner.” —Former Client

Catastrophic accidents that result in life-changing personal injuries can occur at any time. But they are not random. And, your choice of a personal injury attorney should not be random either. Whether your personal injury resulted from an automobile or trucking accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle or pedestrian accident, because of a defective product, a fall, lack of security, or a workplace injury accident, you need an attorney with the resources, experience and determination to obtain the compensation that you deserve and that you’ll need.

From the first interview and client meeting to mediation and settlement conference or trial, every step is taken to ensure that your case is vigorously investigated and prepared.

So, if you or a family member have suffered a personal injury in San Francisco, the Bay Area, or anywhere in California, and you want serious and committed representation, contact me. I’d like to help.

“Brett’s a straight-shooter and a relentless advocate. He’s honest, sharp as a tack, as genuine as they come, and has a brilliant legal mind. If you have him on your side, and you’ll have one of the fiercest allies around.” —Review from Google